Terra Medica - About us

Natural medicine – what nature gives us! We have been growing medicinal plants in Staffort now for decades, cultivating and harvesting roughly 70 percent of the plants we need for our medicinal products. Completely ecologically. In June 2014, we opened our Visitor Centre in Staffort. The centre is designed to hold professional events in the context of the cultivation of medicinal plants on our Terra Medica.

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The total surface area cultivated amounts to approximately 13 hectares, more than half of which are located directly in Staffort. The remaining areas can be found in close proximity to Staffort and in Durlach.


16 people work on site at present. In high season – April to October – temporary staff are also employed as needed. Our qualified professionals in Terra Medica are specialists in floristry, floriculture and forestry. There is no special training course for “medicinal herb cultivation”.