Terra Medica - see medicine growing


Homeopathy is gentle, natural and sustainable. At DHU, this also applies to the cultivation of our herbal ingredients, the majority of which is cultivated by us under certified, ecological conditions to ensure that the plants are in the best of health. This is an ideal foundation for their later determination in medicinal products. Seventeen gardeners, landscapers and assistants tend to the plots in Staffort all year round: collecting seeds, cultivating, nurturing and harvesting. Thus, they ensure that DHU is never short of valuable herbal raw materials of the best possible, home-grown quality. On Terra Medica, the humus of health, it is possible to truly see how DHU medicine grows.


The DHU story began 150 years ago in conjunction with the Dr. Willmar Schwabe company in Leipzig. It was here that the founder of the same name opened the Central Homeopathic Dispensary in 1866. The aim was to produce and distribute homeopathic remedies worldwide, to which the Schüßler Salts were added in 1873. By 1926, Schwabe was already cultivating medicinal plants on his own land. This tradition has now culminated in today’s ecologically certified plots of land in Staffort: the Terra Medica, perfectly situated in the favourable climatic conditions of the Rhine Valley.

Learn more on the following pages about cultivation in Leipzig and Karlsruhe and how Staffort has become Terra Medica. At Terra Medica, the growth of DHU medicine can be experienced first-Hand.