DHU - Deutsche Homöopathie-Union

Present, past and future in harmony; devoted to tradition, dedicated to progress – all these factors characterise DHU in Karlsruhe.

Born out of the Central Dispensary in Leipzig in 1866, DHU was founded in 1961 as part of the Schwabe corporate group. DHU has since developed into a medium-sized company with approximately 500 employees. We distribute homeopathic remedies worldwide from our base in Karlsruhe.

Diverse spectrum

Our range of homeopathic remedies is much more diverse than you may think. We manage mostly materials of herbal, animal and mineral origin in varying potencies, dosage forms and pack sizes.  Of these, 10,000 of the most important and commonly known medicinal products are always in stock, ready for delivery. What we do not have in stock, we can prepare specially at short notice. The DHU is thus a supplier of a unique range: precisely what doctors, therapists and patients want.

Quality is paramount

Our philosophy is built around medicinal products of outstanding quality. They are manufactured under stringent conditions, in accordance with the original specifications of the German Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia (HAB). In addition, all products are potentised manually.

Science and Research

Aside from the manufacture of high-quality medicinal products, we pursue intensive scientific and research activities. New products are continuously developed and tested for their efficacy in comprehensive clinical studies – a tremendous responsibility against the background of scientific findings.

Knowledge for all

How can homeopathy become more firmly established? Through the provision of detailed information about the practice itself and its diverse uses. This is exactly what we do. Rather than keeping our specialised know-how and experience to ourselves, we gladly share it with others – such as in brochures and our customer magazine “Healthy with Homeopathy and Schüßler Salts” available free of charge in many pharmacies, etc. We also offer workshops, seminars and events for diverse audiences (see Events).

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